Types Of Vintage Cars You Can Hire For A Wedding

Even in you don’t have any interest in cars, you should bring a special car to take your bride. This will create a lasting impression on the bride and the guests. Today many car wedding rental companies provide a selection of vintage cars. Here are some of the types of cars you can expect there.

Vintage Rolls Royce

It’s a dream of many people to hire a Rolls Royce car for their wedding day. These cars are rear-hinged and so give the bride and groom easy access to the car. You can fit in the bride’s gown and long veil properly as the rear of the car is very spacious. There is sufficient leg room as well.

1928 Chevrolet Capital

The car has got gold metalwork and ivory paintwork. It has tan-coloured seats and a roof to give you a real vintage feeling. You can remove the side window panels or keep the car enclosed. The car will surely be a show stopper.

Badsworth Eden Rose

This is a stunning car that is painted in navy and cream. It has matching leather seats and an interior as well. Many vintage car lovers hire this car for their wedding day. The car has a vintage as well as a modern look.

Bentley S

This is also a popular choice among couples. This car was manufactured between 1955 to 1959. You will love the strong bodywork. Its vintage style will make your wedding day memorable.

Beauford Tourers

These are the beauties of the 1930s. If you want to enter the wedding venue gracefully, then you should hire this car. It is a convertible car and will give you protection in all weather conditions. You can breathe the fresh air while driving on sunny days by opening up the roof.

You will have to do a lot of research to find out about these cars. A particular vintage car rental company will not have all the models of your choice. You should ask friends and colleagues where you can find your chosen car. The rentals can be costly, but you will have a memorable day by renting a vintage car.

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