If you have a car rental or wedding-related business, then you can advertise on this blog. As this blog is meant for those audiences who are looking for wedding planning, car rental, and related services, you can reach the right customers for your business by advertising here.

The advertising options we offer to our clients are affordable and flexible. You can choose an option according to your budget. Here are some advertising options we offer.

Newsletter ads

You can place your ads in our newsletter that we send monthly to our readers. The newsletters contain important news and interesting articles related to the niche. The readers also get coupons and discounts on wedding-related products and services.

You can promote your brand by offering something special to our readers. They would be interested in buying from you if you can give them a discount or other promotional offers.

Social media ads

These ads are very cost-effective and can give you the best results. Most people today are on social media. They search for products or services they need on social media.

So, by placing ads on our social media pages, you can reach your targeted customers very conveniently. Our social media pages have lots of followers, and most of them are looking for the products and services that you sell.


We organize contests and workshops every month. You can sponsor those events to boost your brand image. More people will know about your business and buy from you.

Banner ads

We have a team of dedicated advertising specialists who can create the best banner ads for you. The ads will contain the right message to attract prospective customers.

Once you decide to go with us, you should book an appointment with our advertising team. You must discuss your needs so that our team can propose a suitable advertising campaign for you. For more information about the advertising options, you can contact us.